About Radar

Radar is a platform for culture and opinion curated through the lens of the Kaospilots.

We sincerely believe that diversity is key to development. And with Radar we wish to demonstrate how curiosity enables people, ideas and businesses to transform.

Our outlook is genuinely global but our finest qualities lies in our understanding of and contributions to local communities. Balancing the fine line between being at the center of attention and observing from a distance, Radar bridges the gap between theory and practice.

With Radar, we wish to curate and distribute the ideas of radical thinkers and set the agenda for tomorrow’s topics. In a world where skepticism and doubt creates distance, we believe in an open and trusting approach to the society surrounding us.

We want to gather and collect new ideas from people who meet each other with the thrill of curiosity, and take pleasure in zigging while the rest of the world zags.

Radar is our window to the world.

The editorial

Every year we put together an editorial team consisting of current students. Our editorial team is the core of the radar magazine and they both create stories and curate stories we choose to bring from guest writers.

Our current editorial team is:

Tom Prunsild, 1st year student, Team 24
Hrefna Björg, 1st year student, Team 24
Emilie Schlie, 1st year student, Team 24
Villi Vilhjálmsson 2nd year student, Team 23
Björk Brynjarsdóttir 3rd year student, Team 22
Harkiran Narulla, 3rd year student, Team 22
Birna Ketilsdóttir Schram, 3rd year student, Team 22

Organization and staff:

Christer Windeløv-Lidzelius – Chief Editor, Kaospilot Principal
Jesper Kjeldsen – Editor and conceptual lead and leader of Kaospilot Hive
Kristina Green Bonne – Art Director and visual communication at Kaospilot

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