Kaospilot are turning 25 this year and as part of the celebrations the school is opening its doors to the new experimental idea festival Agenda. It sets out to inspire leaders, entrepreneurs and students to explore new ideas across multiple disciplines.


Over the last 25 years the Kaospilot education has worked within a broad spectre of learning within leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity and social innovation.The learning method has always been very engaging and with the new Agenda Festival the school wants to invite more people into this learning culture.

“Many conferences can give you quite a passive experience without focus on engagement and the learning journey of the participants. With Agenda Festival we want to change that culture,” says Daniel Morsø Christiansen. He is a student at Kaospilot and one of the organisers of the festival. He hopes it will contribute to the creative environment of the city of Aarhus where Kaospilot is situated.

It is time for Aarhus to get a new type of festival that celebrates creativity, big ideas and experimental learning, says Daniel Morsø Christiansen.

A diverse agenda

The festival runs for two days and focuses on leadership, the future of education, social innovation, creativity, sustainability and technology. The days begin with short talks and continue with workshops. For example you can go from a workshop that investigates the intersection of art, design and technology to a mini course in improvisation.

– “We want to create a little theme park of knowledge. The festival is for both leaders, entrepreneurs and students who wish to be challenged, provoked and inspired to think new thoughts,” says Daniel Morsø Christiansen.

The festival is designed in a way that allows the participants to apply for hosting workshops themselves. In this way a diverse program is ensured.

– “This is a festival that touches upon many different fields. Today the world is so complex and you don’t necessarily get the best new ideas by sticking to your own field. We want to create a forum where professionals can be inspired across subject areas and interests,” says Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius who is the principal of Kaospilot.

Nature provides new ideas

One of the workshop hosts you can meet at the Agenda Festival is Stine Kjær. She is making a workshop about nature inspired innovation.

– “We want to make the participants curious about how the things we surround ourselves with in nature – like the leaf in the forest or the bird’s feather on the road – can be a starting point of the next ground breaking idea within for example organisational development or product development,” says Stine Kjær. Together with a biologist she has started the company NaturAgenturet.

The workshop will start with an introduction of biomimicry. It will be followed by a learning-by-doing-session where the participants themselves will idea generate on possible challenges within large industries such as health, transportation, food and construction.

– “We are very happy to be part of the Agenda Festival because it brings focus on active learning of new knowledge instead of passive lecturing. The festival functions as a creative launch pad for both participants and the ones hosting the workshops. It is awesome that Agenda can be part of positioning Aarhus as a city that contributes to developing the environment around the creative companies,” says Stine Kjær.

The Agenda Festival will take place on the 29th – 30th of September 2016 at Kaospilot in Filmbyen at the harbour of Aarhus.

The program is on the website where you can also buy tickets: www.agendafestival.com

Text by Lotte Rystedt, journalist

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