33 nautical miles out in the sea!

One of the benefits of being a Kaospilot student, is the opportunity to work on real-life projects. Our students travel all around the world, engaging in projects and creating value for and with their partners and stakeholders. We have received a postcard from Eilif, who has spent a couple of weeks on an Island way up North, on a local project that intends to recruit young fishermen to establish themselves on the Island. Here is a little sneak peak into his process.

How is it to wake up in the morning, where I am now? Well, it’s completely dark. In Northern-Norway we have entered the dark period and we don’t see the sun for around two months. It’s dark when I wake up and slowly the sky is changing colours. The fascinating thing about the dark period is that the light is incredible. The sky is turning pink-purple with a pinch of blue. And in the night, the northern lights are dancing above me.

I feel the crisp air when I walk out the door and I get a glimpse of the mountains rising straight up from the sea. Quite spectacular. I greet with every person I meet or even have little chat about the weather.

Where am I?
I am on a small island 33 nautical miles out from the mainland, in Norway’s oldest fishing village, Træna.

Træna consists of several small islands and has a total of around 400 inhabitants. I live on the main island. In Norway, Træna is known for Trænafestivalen, which is an annual music festival.

So – what am I actually doing here besides walking around in the nature, bathing in the sea, enjoying the sauna, getting to know the locals and experiencing some epic boat rides in high sea?

The project and a glimpse into my process so far
Træna is Norway’s oldest fishing village and has survived for years thanks to the fish. Fisheries and fishing industry is still the main occupation in the municipality. But the number of local fishing boats has decreased in recent years and there is room for a new generation of fishermen.

The youngest fisher in Træna is 40 years old. Træna Fisker is an organization recruiting young fishers to establish at Træna.

There are two layers to my project. First I am designing and facilitating a creative process for Træna Fisker, which can help them reaching their goal .

The second layer of my project is doing research and consulting, closely related to securing a financial sustainable future for the island and their inhabitants.

Living in the question
Status at this point: I have been interviewing and eating waffles with old fishermen, done several workshops, worked with the board, facilitated conversations with young people and fishers to get their take on their challenges and their dreams. As I am writing this, I have just returned from sailing with young people from a high school, who wants to become fishermen. The next days I will close down the process and evaluate the next steps.

Right now I am «living in the question». I try to be open to the process. One of my learning goals is to disrupt and experiment with what we have learnt at school and try to make it my own. This process is something that I have never done before and I have never worked with this industry and challenge. It’s completely different from what I have done earlier – at the same time I see a lot of similarities to the experience I have with filmmaking.


So I definitely feel that I am in the stretch zone!


Now it’s time to bury myself in front of my screen and hammer out the report. Deadline is December 14th and straight after that I will see the new Star Wars film. #Excited!

Thank you for reading! You are welcome to attend my exam in Aarhus on January 6, if you are curious about the outcome of this process.

Cheers, Eilif

For more info:
Check out www.tenktraena.no
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