Building dreams

Dear you, who are writing the last words of your application, dear you, that just pressed send and is now already waiting, dear you that has all these wonderful big dreams:

While you just finished your application our fellow 3rd year student Agust is in the desert in South Africa starting to put the first pieces of his big dream together. Yggdrasil, or Tree of Life, is a giant wooden structure, 13 stories-tall and with the planned 37 meters it will be the highest free standing structure at a burning event yet to be built. Big things start small, with one idea, one hand, one piece of wood – and then are followed up, put together, step by step with good faith, many hands and a dream to follow.

So never mind if you get selected for the application workshop or if you will be in the end part of Team 24: Go out and start building your dreams now.

Meanwhile, we can’t wait to read your applications and meet you hopefully soon.

Check Agust’s project and get inspired:

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