The Lingerie Fanatic: Saskia Kjellström

The lingerie fanatic and queen of glitter Saskia Kjellström opened her home and shared some thoughts on passion and creativity, and why it’s important for her to make things in this world. Saskia is in her third year at the Kaospilot and is currently building a clothing library in Aarhus as her final project at the Kaospilot.

“Having struggled a lot with anxiety I think I just realized that if you don’t have your mental health then there is nothing else that matters. So if making my own lingerie is what makes me happy right now then that is me taking responsibility for putting good energy into this world”.

“Saskeye Clothing Collection is a handpicked collection that people in Aarhus get access too through membership. This way more people can access fun and inspiring clothing to express themselves without having to spend a lot of money that contributes to the existing consumer market.”

Follow Saskia’s project here.

Text and film by Birna Ketilsdóttir Schram.

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