This is our new online magazine: Kaospilot RADAR

Video by Tom Prunsild

Radar brings readers into the minds of emerging Kaospilots. Students share their perspectives of the world covering #metoo, Workaholism, lingerie, learning, Kaospilot methodology and more.

We sincerely believe that diversity is key to development. And with Radar we wish to demonstrate how curiosity enables people, ideas and businesses to transform.

With Radar, we wish to curate and distribute the ideas of radical thinkers and set the agenda for tomorrow’s topics. In a world where skepticism and doubt creates distance, we believe in an open and trusting approach to the society surrounding us.

Radar is our window to the world.

Calling for contributors

Every year we put together an core editorial consisting of current students. But one of our important values is to be transparent and to seek diversity. We wish to hear as many voices on Kaospilot Radar as possible. We believe that multiple perspectives and knowledge we did not know existed, will open our eyes and build new bridges. 


Do you have something on your mind? – a good idea for a story, a topic or someone we should meet? Please submit it here. Our editorial team is ready to listen and will return to you as soon as possible!


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