We are two Icelandic girls, Birna & Hrefna, who moved to Aarhus when we started studying at Kaospilot. When one moves to a new country, it always takes some time to find the best bun in town, comfortable hang out places, and to feel at home.

Hi I’m Birna

and I’m Hrefna

We want to take you through a perfect day in Aarhus when the sun was shining and it felt like summer (Yes, we are from Iceland, so it doesn’t take much for us to feel warm) Whether you’re moving to Aarhus or just visiting for a weekend trip, we hope we can help you discover places to visit.

Oh, and just for your information, this post is not an #ad



You might not think that taking a cold dip in the sea and to sweat in a sauna with a lot of old, naked men is way to start the perfect winter day but when you have a place like Jomsborg, it actually is. Surrounded by Risskov forrest and beautiful beaches, the winter bathing club Jomsborg has become a sanctuary for many people in Aarhus. It’s only a 10 minute bike ride from the city center and allows you to escape to a place where cellphones, clothes, or judgement is not allowed. Jomsborg really makes up for the warm swimming pools that we miss so much in Iceland.



We usually enjoy our morning cup of coffee at school. However, on special days we like taking a stroll through Graven and enjoying a cup of coffee on Hipster Hill. A macchiato on a cold winter day and an iced coffee on a warm summer day, or anytime during the year – did we mention we’re from Iceland? We recommend bringing your own cup in order to save plastic, even though we didn’t manage to plan ahead this time. We also love treating ourselves to a Danish scone with an extra slice of cheese. Hipster Hill is the perfect place for people-watching and for people to meet. You will most likely run into a Kaospilot there in the weekends. Say hi! We’re quite friendly.



Taking time out to focus on our heart and soul is important. A perfect way to feel at ease is to take a break, a lot of them, and talk about our emotions. Birna is the person to look for when you are in need of a prediction into an uncertain future. She will also play you good tunes and offer advice on which books to read. WIN.



We. Love. Printing. And we love cheap printing. Here we allow our inner designer to roam free and create photos, posters or gifts for friends. Self-service, enough said. (If you are in need of any assistance, give Hrefna a call)



Planteceféen is a café filled with tropical vibes, plants, coffee, and scones. Yes, we like coffee and scones. It is the place to be in the winter when the days are shorter and you feel the need to connect with nature. It is also the most instagram friendly place in Aarhus.



Our next stop is REUSE, where one woman’s helmet is another woman’s headpiece. Need a new bookshelf? Don’t know what to do with your old chair? REUSE has got you covered. This wonderful place allows people of Aarhus to reuse each other’s furniture, for free! Reusing is life, good for the wallet, and good for our planet.



Even though the supermarkets are super confusing in Denmark, the prices are low so we can’t complain (at least compared to pricy Iceland). We picked up some wine and beans and headed home for a more student-friendly dinner party. 



We headed home after a long day of enjoying our favourite city. ♡ Thank you for following our journey. We hope to see you around Aarhus.

Other places we love in Aarhus:

Bazar Vest
The Clothing Club
Oli Nico – Best mussels
Marselisborg Beach

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