LOOK WHAT WE FOUND–How To Make A Good Party

LOOK WHAT WE FOUND is an exhibition to celebrate and showcase the work of Kaospilot students in the past year, with a special focus on projects by the graduating students of Team 22.

We are preparing to see off the team and this school year in a proper way. LOOK WHAT WE FOUND will consist of an exhibition and an afterparty in Copenhagen this Friday. Kaospilot parties have been known to be ambitious, experimental, colourful, loud, unexpected, glittery and a tad too much. The parties have a reputation, but what do students think it takes to make a good party?

Moments that everyone share, like a shared story or experience and a LOT of space for dancing so that you can do crazy moves and throw yourself on the floor.
-Dea Juul Larsen

Surprises/shifts of mood, a good recycling system (seeing trash makes me sad), a clear theme so people can dress up and glitter stations.
-Ingrid Hauggard

-Andreas Gorm Tungland
Gertrud is a student from Team 24 and one of two project leaders of LOOK WHAT WE FOUND. She takes her partying very seriously and some might even call her a Kaospilot professional partygirl.
How do you create a magical experience?
Magic is an ingredient based on vision, creativity, excitement, honesty, connection, belonging and a dash of stardust. It is for me created in an experience, when visions are aligned and you are working towards a common purpose. Magic can be created in the working groups making the party/event, or in the participants attending the event/party. If you have a strong vision and willing to share it, people will create magic with you.
Strobe lights, dark spaces, surprise elements, fire and fast and heavy music.
-Emilie Schlie
 In your opinion, what makes a good party? 
Music, atmosphere, lighting, hosts, a good bar, location, people. Have your audience in mind – who are you making it for? Really try to step into the shoes of the audience, and then try to fill them with a dash more than they expect. Create excitement, use a wave shape; let it build up, let it reach tipping point, let it explode, let it reach shore and fade.
A smoke machine, Darkness, VJ-ing, Champagne for everyone and make out sessions.
-Birna Schram
Júlíanna is a student from Team 23. She is an expert when it comes to designing experiences and has the talent for turning any boring room into a magical space.
How do you create a magical experience?
I create a magical experience by looking at what it is that the group of people I am creating for need and want. What is the intention and purpose of them getting together for this event? For this I am really fond of using symbolism, rituals and ceremonies in my work to reach another level of meaningfulness to create magic in a moment.
Small spaces for conversations, big spaces for dancing!
-Noora Sirén
In your opinion, what makes a good party?
A good party is one where the music gets you going, and the people make you excited. It’s one where the flow of the space is thought through and that there are spaces for different kinds of moods and activities. A good party often has a purpose, whatever broad or narrow that purpose is, but somewhere where people come together for a common cause of celebration. And that’s maybe, in my opinion, the most important factor of them all.Irish Coffe and awkwardness

-Bella Scheftelowitz

LOOK WHAT WE FOUND is held this Friday in Teaterøen on Refshaleøen, Copenhagen. The exhibition will start at 16:00 and the afterparty at 21:00. Tickets for the afterparty are 30 DKK + fee and can be purchase here.

We can’t wait to find you there.
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