Farewell and good luck to the school in Bern!

Every ending is followed by a new beginning today marks a new beginning and an important moment in the KAOSPILOT history books…

The KAOSPILOT school in Bern (Switzerland) has decided to part ways with the KAOSPILOT school in Aarhus (Denmark). The school in Bern has chosen to focus on offering a different type of education, which moves away from the core KAOSPILOT educational concept.


This means that the school in Bern will be renamed and will detach itself from the KAOSPILOT brand, over the coming period. Currently enrolled students will still be able to complete their education and the last students will graduate in 2021, graduating as Kaospilots.


We find it truly rewarding to see that the school in Bern has matured in development and transformed itself into a new school concept. We are very proud to act as catalysts for new educational formats and to help foster creativity within education.


In the KAOSPILOT school in Aarhus, we will continue to focus on delivering educational programmes based on our unique pedagogical approach and aim to foster leaders to contribute in transforming the world for the better.


We wish the school in Bern a prosperous future, positive vibes, and success in all areas.


Aim for the stars!


Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius
Principal, KAOSPILOT
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