What excites you most in life?

Looking at the world’s challenges, understanding them and how to change them, is a red thread throughout the Enterprising Leadership programme at KAOSPILOT. Focusing on complex problems however, can become grim and the thought of making an actual impact can seem undoable.

When the world seems to be falling apart how does one stay optimistic?

Disclaimer: This article was written after binge-watching Netflix documentaries on climate change.

We are in our second year of our Enterprising Leadership education and currently based in Barcelona, working with different clients on various projects, focusing on plastic pollution, sexism, inequality, climate change and the porn industry. Light subjects, ey? Our passion for change-making and leadership is what brought us here, however, when focusing on the difficulties of the world we can forget to remind ourselves of the exciting future which lies ahead and the beauty in everyday life. Asking into it, can be a powerful appreciative tool towards a more uplifting view of the future. And a way to stay calm while scrolling through our sometimes anxiety-triggering Facebook feeds.

During our final weeks in Barcelona, I asked my fellow students what excited them most in life?


Learning. What excites me most is when I feel like I’m learning something and becoming a better human being everyday, that is the core. I could mention a lot of things but the underlying thing is that if I feel I am getting better and I see that in others as well, I get excited. I think we’re in times where it’s easy to become better because there is an abundance of knowledge and tools out there, you just need to take them.


The bubbles, I have bubbles inside of my stomach, like champagne bubbles. All the small interesting projects are bubbling inside me and I feel them, my project, life and friendships, the team, Barcelona and the sun.

What excites me is that I can do what I know I want to do and that I know myself well enough to understand how I can be nice to my body, my brain and my heart. Those are things I didn’t know five years ago.

I find the areas of nature, that people can’t mess with, exciting. That if we treat the world right, hopefully that will still be a fact fifty years from now.


Meeting new interesting people. Having new thoughts, ideas, reflections. Changing my mind in terms of updating what I believed before to something new based on new thoughts, inputs or data. Updating myself, my system, my beliefs, my values. It feels like resetting my life and I’ve been reborn again, it’s a new me now with new values and new beliefs. That’s the most exciting. And food. Food is really really exciting. I just travelled 600 km in India to have the best rice cakes.

It feels like resetting my life and I’ve been reborn again, it’s a new me now with new values and new beliefs.


Movement. Climbing, mobility practices and working with agility.

I see movement everyday and there’s really something about being able in the body that we’re in. Movement has had quite a big role in the lectures and workshops we’ve had in the education. That’s been really meaningful to me because I think movement has a potential to be a great enabler of learning. To move provides headspace and joy to me and it gives a sensation of wholeness, being able to coordinate the body and having it support an intention.


What excites me most in life these days is having valuable and inspiring conversations with revolutionary minds that also act on their values. Conversations on the future of farming, agroforestry, agroecology, AI technology, vulnerability, co-sensing and being brave.

Getting to  know myself and my friends on the team better excites me. To see my friends grow and to see them take risks. Intense eye contact also excites me. My bicycle, having a bicycle here is amazing. The metro makes me feel claustrophobic and my bike makes me feel strong. Hiking in the mountains outside Barcelona to get to my client also excites me. Having a crush and not needing to act on it – that excites me.

Having a crush and not needing to act on it – that excites me.

Emil S

Currently, I’m excited about how much you can learn by going into a field you don’t know much about. It can seem intimidating, frustrating and make you anxious because you realise how much there is you don’t know. However, staying in it and really trying to understand it, has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had here.

I’ve been working within the field of robotics and technology. I had somewhat of an understanding of the field, especially farming, but on a superficial level. I come from an agricultural background so I have a clear picture of what agriculture looks like today but in this project, I’ve been exposed to what the future of agriculture could look like.

Throwing yourself into a field, understanding it, being surrounded by people within that field, gaining their perspectives and seeing the possibilities they see in making a change, is exciting. And when you manage to adapt that with your own perspectives of life, I think that is so beautiful. It makes you more visionary and you get a physical, almost embodied experience of what you can do and that is so much more powerful than sitting and reading about all the issues we are facing in society.


I think right now it is listening to Danish podcasts. It might be something different next week but right now, Danish podcasts, Danish documentaries and movies excite me. It’s interesting that when I’m in a foreign country, I get really drawn to Danish media. Perhaps it’s a sense of belonging to the place you come from when you’re not there. I don’t really listen to those podcasts in Denmark but now, because I’m not there, I do.

It’s also super exciting that I feel in charge of my own life. That I’m able to change things that I feel should change. Not needing to rely on someone else to help me live the life that I want to live. I feel like I have the time and all the tools to gain knowledge, become wiser and make rational choices.


What excites me most, first of all, is becoming aware of all the privileges I have. Having so many people around me that inspire me and have the surplus to educate me and who are inspirational in so many ways. Getting to spend my time educating myself, doing something that I feel is very valuable, in a place where I don’t have to worry about money, my own security or not being good enough. That is very privileged.

The privilege of feeling powerful. That I’m actually in a position right now where I feel like I have a lot of power and I feel like I have the drive and surplus to change things. Being privileged and being thankful for that and wanting to use it to change things, excites me.

Then what excites me most these days is good food, which is also a privilege, being with friends, feeling extremely loved and being able to stand outside in November, without a lot of clothes on.

Being privileged and being thankful for that and wanting to use it to change things, excites me.

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