Bridging Knowledge – Mehnaaz’s Final Project

In a future of change and a world of reinvention we need collaboration in order to be more innovative. How do we create spaces that foster that collaboration? Mehnaaz Maleta is a Kaospilot graduate from Team 23. Her project is a space for facilitating knowledge exchange amongst students of different faculties, in particular focusing on science.

Photo by Noora Sirén

“I’ve always been interested in science” Mehnaaz says, “I wanted to work with it but didn’t dare commit to studying a full program.” Mehnaaz wanted to create a space for those in similar positions, who don’t want expertise on a subject but want to be able to aquire a certain understanding of a subject that they can implement in their own work.

Entering unknown fields

Mehnaaz created a workshop for people of different faculties to collaborate within. In these workshops Mehnaaz facilitates knowledge exchange and collaborative work between science students and non-science students. “Science can be a rigid field so I’ve focused on communication and have been able to help create a common language between scientists and for example an architechts or designers” Mehnaaz says, “Sharing knowledge with individuals of other fields has helped them understand how they can benefit from working together.”

Mehnaaz’s project also involves consultancy in terms of advising upcoming entrepreneuers intersecting their discipline with science. “I’ve helped them understand how they can position themselves on an entrepreneurial front or a business front and how they might become a profitable business.” she continues, “Going into how they research their market and how do they make a viable concept.“

Complex problems call for dynamic solutions

We are living in a complex everchanging world and need innovation to come up with solutions. “This means that the problems we face are becoming more complex and that the solutions we develop therefore need to be more dynamic.” Mehnaaz says. She explains how in order to come up with more dynamic solutions we need to join scientists, artists, designers, chefs etc. together. “It helps us get a better understanding of how life around us works.” She says, “It also helps in developing empathy for other natural processes happening around us and understand how to collaborate with them.” Mehnaaz explains how the collaboration sheds light on how other living systems operate around us and how that is relevant to us being on this planet. “Instead of developing things that break and interrupt the cycles of living systems, we can understand how to work with them and develop better products.”

Liberating sciences

When asked what she loves about her project, Mehnaaz answers with the fact that it liberates sciences. In her project she had science students design and host a workshop for students of other faculties (humanity, technology, business and communication) on basic biological research. She explains how interesting it was seeing the science students adapt their knowledge to the non-science students. “Seeing how the non-science students wanted to use what they were learning in non-traditional ways meant that the science students were exposed to new and innovative forms of applying the things they new.” She continues, “it breathes a space for imagination and innovation which allows one to be curious and experiment freely.”

Instead of developing things that break and interrupt the cycles of living systems, we can understand how to work with them and develop better products.

Mehnaaz says her project still has a lot yet to be developed and that creating the right space for this kind of work requires responsibility. She emphasises that because of the help of the people involved in the project it was made possible during the project period and brought great value to those involved. ”Since arriving at the Kaospilots, I’ve gained trust in myself and acceptance towards how I want to live, the work I want to do and the decisions I want to make.” She expresses, “The school has taken me through so much complexity that I think I’ve become able to meet myself in complex situations whether that’s realted to work or personal life.”

Photo by Noora Sirén

This year, Mehnaaz will be living in Copenhagen and continuing the development of her project. “I’m doing what I love and that’s enough for me” she continues, “I’m not there yet but I’m becoming less anxious about where my life is heading. I’m passionate about my work, I’m interested in it and I feel capable of doing it so for me that’s exciting.”

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