Call The Magic Department – Noora’s Final Project

The Magic Department is a connection and learning design agency based in Helsinki, Finland made up out of Noora Sirén, KP alumni, process & experience designer Anu Paajanen and experiential learning designer & facilitator, Dorothy Zablah. Their goal is to radically transform how people collaborate, learn and connect with each other, in the workplace and beyond. Noora is one of this year’s Kaospilot graduates, an explorer of the seemingly unimportant, a communicator and a connection designer. Her third year project was to test out The Magic Department’s business model.

Creating the department

“The idea of founding a cooperative started to brew in my mind halfway through the education.” Noora says, “I did a project in Barcelona where I met with and learned from groups of people organising around work and life in interesting, collaborative ways. My brain was tickled by inspiration, and I knew I wanted to do something similar.” The Magic Department’s services are focused on learning and connection design, elements Noora believes are important and needed in today’s work-life. “The thought of supporting diverse, joyous communities of people that sprout and make meaning in each others’ everyday lives makes my heart melt a bit”, she says.

We need to call the Magic Department

The company name came about after the group was denied its first name by the Finnish patent and registry officials. “It still brings smiles to our faces thinking of potential client companies sitting around the meeting table, saying we need to call the Magic Department”, Noora says. “It’s one of the details I love most about our project although the whole baby is brilliant and beautiful!”

The thought of supporting diverse, joyous communities of people to sprout and make meaning in each others’ everyday makes my heart melt a bit.

The project focuses on capacity building through the group’s first workshop, a free Meeting Design training. “It’s an interesting adventure” Noora says, “finding the people to work with who can actually bring about systemic, long-term change in their respective organisations.” They are currently building more trainings based on client needs.

Spreading the magic

When asked what has changed within her since first arriving at the Kaospilots, Noora answers: “What hasn’t, really?” and continues saying, “I have lived, loved and grown like never before. I have learned how to deal with basically anything that comes my way and learned how to be my own best friend.” Noora states she’s had the most relieving epiphany during her studies – that we don’t need to do things alone in this life if we don’t want to. “And I don’t”, she finishes.

we don’t actually need to or have to do anything alone in this life, if we don’t want to. I don’t.

Noora will be starting a life in Helsinki this summer, bringing her magic to Finland with The Magic Department. “I’m excited to fall in love with more of the world and the people in it”, she finishes saying.

Check out Magic Department’s inspiring and colorful work here.

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