First Day of WHYLAND

As summer approaches we wrap up our work from this past school year, tying an end to what has been the year of Team 23, 24 and 25. In order to celebrate and harvest our work from this past year, we invite guests to come join us for a two-day experience of Kaospilot life through workshops, city walks, festivities, talks and bar hangs. The intention of these two days is to send off our Team 23 graduates in a proper way by exhibiting their final projects and celebrating/grieving their departure into a future as freshly graduated Kaospilots.

Yes, but why?

This year’s theme is framed around questions. It is inspired by the curiosity we encourage in each other, our conversations and in our project and school work. We explore the various things that spark our curiosity through facilitated workshops and activities. The whole school has spent this week preparing for WHYLAND with the guidance of the core team, Sophie Pi, Bettina, Katharina and Sophie Andrea. Seeing all the work come together and the gathering of families and strangers getting to know each other in the sun was a magical sight.

The day started off with a MOGA (morning gathering) where Edda read a poem which proposed various existential questions. How much is your life worth? How will you pay for it? These were some of the questions she proposed both in German and English.

Our headmaster, Christer, set the day with a speech. He posed the question What does it mean to be human? and continued by explaining that whenever he is asked how the school fosters creativity within its students he answers that they are already creative when they arrive, the school just teaches them a way of unblocking their creativity. He welcomed the guests formally to WHYLAND 2019.

We drew each other’s faces blindly as a starting exercise and shared with each other the questions that were alive in us. We then headed into different spaces, each space exploring a different question. One of the workshops asked How to cultivate understanding, trust and love? It explored collaborative communication using a deck of cards supporting empathy in conversations.

Why philosophize?

One of the workshops explained what experience design actually is through a crash course in experience design and one taught participants how to trick the brain into remembering. Others explored more existential topics like Why philosophise and What are you afraid of? Whytalks offered a space for mini ted-talk inspired lectures. We explored the history of porn, the making and culture of yurts, rituals and what it means to be a Kaospilot?

During the day, groups of participants walked around Aarhus with headphones on experiencing some of our favorite spaces in the city. One of the participants said it was their favorite part of the day describing it as mindblowing. Others spent time in the lounge or café sharing drinks and cakes and enjoying the sun.

The festivities are not over yet and tomorrow we will continue for the second and last day of WHYLAND starting with a How to rise and shine yoga session between 08:00–09:00. For the slightly later risers, we look forward to seeing you at the common breakfast at 09:00.

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