Second Day Of WHYLAND

We have come to the end of WHYLAND where we’ve spent two days exploring our deepest curiosities and questions. We’ve celebrated the work of Team 23 through an exhibition of their projects while also taking a trip down memory lane with a Kaospilot cinema featuring videos from school. All the while and despite fluctuating weather we’ve been able to share experiences, thoughts, insights, drinks, hugs and dances. We are so full of gratitude towards the experiences and memories we’ve created together in these two days.

We started off with a very early yoga in the morning followed by a common breakfast in the tent. We shared a MOGA (morning gathering) where Alexandra did a tarrot reading of the future of Team 23 and the next generations of Kaospilots as well. We snacked on fruit, croissants and buns while throwing back coffee and tea trying to get ready for another day of workshops, city walks and most importantly, bar hangs.

One of the workshops was called How to co-create a party? And offered a space for participants to experience the preparations that go into a Kaospilot party. Another one, Who Told Us of our Nakedness?, allowed participants to let their inner artist roam free in a croquis workshop where Søren from Team 23 modelled in the nude.

One participant of the workshop How do you use collages to bring what rests inside of you to the surface? Said it was the most memorable moment of their day. “Being immersed in the universe of images and through that unfolding a collage that I hadn’t planned the end result of.” she stated.

Can you trick your brain to remember? and How do you relate to strangers? were two questions posed through workshops today. Some intellectual questions were also posed like What role does an individual and collective play in a rapidly changing world? While another discussed and played out the simple principles of flying.

What does feminism in leadership look like? Was a panel discussion which covered everything from the difference between masculine and feminine energies in leadership, our experiences as feminists/women/men/non-binary studying leadership and to the power structures we live within that uphold the patriarchy, how to demolish them or work within them.

As an ending ritual, we had the guests experience what we’d all experienced when first arriving to the school. We took them up to the sixth floor where we applauded them and gave each other our last gifts of questions and then shared everyone’s favorite Kaospilot tradition, a glass of Cava.

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